Effective Communication

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effective communication

Have you ever had a situation at the workplace or at home where you wondered: “What is the best way to communicate my point?” “They aren’t hearing me.” “I don’t understand how they could think something like that.” 

In this course, learn how to communicate effectively in a variety of situations and with different types of people. Learn about your own communication style, and learn to respond strategically to others’ unique communication styles. Explore the different types of communication and how you can master them all to communicate like a pro — no matter the situation or the person on the other end. 

Are you ready to work on skills that will make you better at your job and even a better friend or family member? Join us on this journey of Effective Communication. 

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  • Lectures 31
  • Quizzes 25
  • Duration 32 hours
  • Language English
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  • Assessments Self
Marlana Salmon-Letelier Ed.D. is a university professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, research consultant for World Bank Group, workshop facilitator at International Young Scholars, and founder of Kaleidoscope Travel, a study abroad company dedicated to expanding student’s knowledge of conflict in various conflict settings around the globe.
Jason is the Founder and CEO of Peace Peddlers, Inc.. He earned his M.S. degree from George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and B.A. degrees in Philanthropic Studies and Philosophy from Indiana University.


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$298.00 $249.00